AdWords Analyzer

AdwordAnalyzer is a desktop software product – the aim of which is to help you find high volume keywords with low competition.

As a Pay Per Click research tool, Adwords Analyzer is in a class of it’s own and is a tool I use every couple of days. Here’s my review of what it does and how to get the best out of it :


What Is It and How Does It Work :

AdWord Analyzer allows you to find keywords related to the initial keyword you searched for, find the number of companies bidding on these search terms in Google and Overture, and check the top Cost Per Click and estimated number of clicks you can expect for each phrase.

Save Yourself Time and Energy :

Because all the data is presented to you on one screen and because you can export to csv or html files, AdWord Analyzer will save you a great deal of time when researching PPC campaigns and keywords.

Find Keywords With Few PPC Bids:

Because the software shows you the number of bidders on each keyword in Adwords and Overture, you can very quickly find good quality or high traffic keywords with 7 or less bidders in Google. This means you can get a first page PPC listing in Google for the minimum bid of $0.05.

This means that finding profitable keywords for PayPerClick campaigns is as simple as it can be. So, you can easily source new niches to build your search marketing around if that’s what you wish.

Import and Analyze Keyword Lists:

Those of you who regularly use WordTracker or Keyword Discovery can import keyword lists from these products into AdwordAnalyzer and can check the number of searches, bidders and top bids for these keyphrases.

You can even see which companies are bidding and the ads themselves – all without leaving the software, as shown in the screenshot below :

Regional Databases :

The keyword database used comes from Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing) and you can select different datacentres according to your needs (Australia, UK, Canada, France, Spain and more are available). This means you can check out ads on regional Googles without ever having to use a proxy server. A great feature.

If you are serious about keyword research in general and PayPerClick in particular, Adwords Analyzer is a product you should have in your arsenal.

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