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As an SEO, the starting point of everything I do is keyword research. Knowing what phrases people are searching for and in what quantities is the main building block for both organic search engine marketing and for running successful PPC campaigns.

Like many search optimisers, my tool of choice had been WordTracker – mainly because at the time I came into the industry it was literally the ONLY keyword research system available.

However, WordTracker – good though it is – is not without flaws and recently I have found that the keyword research services I am turning to most often are : KeywordDiscovery and AdwordAnalyzer.

1. WHAT SETS KEYWORD DISCOVERY APART FROM WORDTRACKER : You Get More Accurate Information: The Keyword Discovery tool pulls from a database of including all the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Their database is 32 billion search terms, compared to the 300 million used by WordTracker.

      • More Results from the Initial Search:
        The Keyword Discovery research software will produce several thousand results from your initial keyword, compared to the maximum limit of, I think, 1,000 for Wordtracker.
        This alone is a massive time saver and is one of the best reasons for using the service.
      • Find Out What People Are Searching For In Your Country:
        As a UK Search Marketer, one of the most frustrating things about WordTracker is that it’s database comes from minor search engines used pretty much exclusively by Americans. Thus the data is skewed when running keyword research for UK clients.
        Because Keyword Discovery scrapes ISP log files and has access to UK data, localised keyword research is now far more accurate.
      • Yearly Trends and Historical Data:
        It’s all very well knowing what people were searching for last month, but one thing I’ve always wanted is to know what the trends are for keywords over a year. Where are the peaks and troughs?
        The Keyword Discovery service has this information. This makes planning and budgeting for a year long PPC campaign easy and it’s extremely valuable data to have.  Check Out The Keyword Discovery Tool Today »
        Want To Know More? Read Our Even More Detailed Review »

2. ADWORD ANALYZER : WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WILL HELP YOU Adword Analyzer is a desktop software from a company called Xybercode. Xybercode produce a whole bunch of terrible software that allows you to spam blogs and such like, but don’t let that put you off Adword Analyzer – this is a PPC keyword research software that is well worth your time.

    • What Is It and How Does It Work :
      AdWord Analyzer allows you to find keywords related to your selection, see the number of companies bidding on these search terms in Google and Overture, and check the top Cost Per Click and estimated number of clicks you can expect for each phrase.
    • Find Keywords With Few PPC Bids:
      The most useful feature is that you can very quickly find good quality keywords with 7 or less bidders in Google. This means you can get a first page PPC listing in Google for the minimum bid of $0.05. This is PPC keyword research made easy.
    • Valuable Data All In One Place:
      The software shows number of searches per month (according to Yahoo Search Marketing), Number of Results, Number of Ads in Google, Number of Ads in Overture, #1 Cost Per Click and Estimated Number of Clicks all in one screen and you can export this data as a csv file or an html file.
      If you are on a tight budget, this makes in easy to maximise your Pay Per Click spend and decide on which keywords to use in your ads.Import and Analyze Keyword Lists: If you would prefer to use WordTracker or Keyword Discovery data, you can import and analyze this, giving even more accurate results and useful data.  Check Out AdWord Analyzer Website Today »
      Want To Know More? Read Our Even More Detailed Review »

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